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Today, I will introduce a Chinese film which called Chungking Express (重庆森林chòngqìng sēnlín). So let us have a brief introduction.

Chungking Express is a 1994 Hong Kong romantic mystery comedy-drama film written and directed by Wong Kar-wai (王家卫Wáng Jiāwèi). The film consists of two stories told in sequence, each about a lovesick Hong Kong policeman mulling over his relationship with a woman. The first story stars Takeshi Kaneshiro (金城武Jīn Chéngwǔ) as a cop who is obsessed with the break-up of his relationship with a woman named May and his platonic encounter with a mysterious drug smuggler (Brigitte Lin 林青霞Lín Qīngxiá). The second stars Tony Leung as a police officer who is roused from his gloom over the loss of his flight attendant girlfriend (Valerie Chow 周嘉玲Zhōu Jiālíng) by the attentions of a quirky snack bar worker (Faye Wong 王菲Wáng Fēi). The film depicts a paradox in that even though the characters live in densely-packed Hong Kong, they are mostly lonely and live in their own inner worlds.

The Chinese title translates to “Chungking Jungle”, referring to the metaphoric concrete jungle of the city, as well as to Chungking Mansions in Tsim Sha Tsui, where much of the first part of the movie is set. The English title refers to Chungking Mansions and the Midnight Express food stall where Faye works.

This is a very fabulous film.

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