Du Fu: Long Southern Journey


Long Southern Journey

南 征
春 岸 桃 花 水
云 帆 枫 树 林。
偷 生 长 避 地
适 远 更 沾 襟。
老 病 南 征 日
君 恩 北 望 心。
百 年 歌 自 苦
未 见 有 知 音?
Nan Zheng

Chun an tao hua shui
Yun fan feng shu lin.
Tou sheng chang bi di
Shi yuan geng zhan jin.

Lao bing nan zheng ri
Jun en bei wang xin.
Bai nian ge zi ku
Wei jian you zhi yin?


Long Southern Journey

Spring riverbanks, peach tree blossoms on the water
A few clouds sail into the maple tree forest.
I secretly emerge from a long earthen hiding place
Enduring tears, it is best to travel further away from here.

Old and sick, daily on a long southern journey
My heart is still far into the northern regions.
For hundreds of years people have sung these songs of pain and sorrows
Have so many yet to hear and know the voices of the virtuous?



Du Fu’s hometown was around the eastern capital city of Luoyang.  It is the goal for all of this time and place to spend one’s remaining years inside their hometown area.

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