Du Fu: Spring Evening of Joyful Rainfall


Spring Evening of Joyful Rainfall

春 夜 喜 雨
好 雨 知 时 节
当 春 乃 发 生。
随 风 潜 入 夜
润 物 细 无 声。
野 径 云 俱 黑
江 船 火 独 明。
晓 看 红 湿 处
花 重 锦 官 城。
Chun Ye Xi Yu

Hao yu zhi shi jie
Dang chun nai fa sheng.
Sui feng qian ru ye
Run wu xi wu sheng.

Ye jing yun ju hei
Jiang chuan huo du ming.
Xiao kan hong shi chu
Hua chong jin guan cheng.


Spring Evening Joyful Rainfall

A fine rainfall makes for the awareness of seasonal holidays
Regards for the vernal new growths.
Breezes secretly enter into the evenings
Without a sound, the world is covered thin and glossy.

Open country footpaths, clouds completely dark
River boat lanterns a single brightness.
At daybreak, see the damp red colors
Again Chengdu is full of blossoms.


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