Du Fu: Start Over in Lang Zhong


Start Over in Lang Zhong

发 阆 中
前 有 毒 蛇 后 猛 虎
溪 行 尽 日 无 村 坞。
江 风 萧 萧 云 拂 地
山 木 惨 惨 天 欲 雨。
女 病 妻 忧 归 意 速
秋 花 锦 石 谁 复 数?
别 家 三 月 一 得 书
避 地 何 时 免 愁 苦?


Fa Lang Zhong

Qian you du she hou meng hu
Xi xing jin ri wu cun wu.
Jiang feng xiao xiao yun fu di
Shan mu can can tian yu yu.

Nu bing qi you gui yi su
Qiu hua jin shi shei fu shu?
Bie jia san yue yi de shu
Bi di he shi mian chou ku?


Start Over in Lang Zhong

In front are poisonous snakes, behind we have ferocious tigers
Most days I travel along small streams, without places to eat and rest.
Rustling river winds, clouds touch the earth
Mountains and trees in the coming hard times, skies look like rain.

Worry about my sick daughter, plan to return quickly back to my wife and daughter
Colorful rocks and autumn flowers, who can stop and enjoy?
Left home three months ago, have only received one letter.



[Du Fu is trying to make his way back to his family, but because of the military situation, he has to travel low and slow.]

Lang Zhong: Also known as the city of Langzhou in Sichuan Province.


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