Du Fu: Wail About Life and Death: Two Poems


Wail About Life and Death: Two Poems

存 殁 口 号: 二 首
郑 公 粉 绘 随 长 夜
曹 霸 丹 青 巳 白 头。
天 下 何 曾 有 山 水?
人 间 不 解 重 骅 骝。
Cun Mo Kou Hao: Er Shou

Zheng gong fen hui sui chang ye
Cao ba dan qing yi bai tou.
Tian xia he ceng you shan shui?
Ren jian bu jie chong hua liu!


Wail About Life and Death: Two Poems

For a long time we have not seen the likes of Zheng Qian and his frescoes
Cuo Ba is still alive and painting, yet his hair is very white.
Who down here on earth can paint the mountains and rivers like Zheng?
Contemporary people not able to appreciate a living painter like Cuo Ba with his roan stallion images!


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