Du Mu: Alone Drinking Wine


Alone Drinking Wine

独 酌
长 空 碧 杳 杳
万 古 一 飞 鸟。
生 前 酒 伴 闲
愁 醉 闲 多 少。
烟 深 隋 家 寺
殷 叶 暗 相 照
独 佩 一 壶 游
秋 毫 泰 山 小。
Du Zhuo

Chang kong bi yao yao
Wan gu yi fei niao.
Sheng qian jiu ban xian
Chou zui xian duo shao.

Yan shen sui jia si
Yan ye an xiang zhao.
Du pei yi hu you
Qiu hao tai shan xiao.


Alone Drinking Wine

Long bluish-green sky far far away
Throughout the ages, one flying bird.
My youth spent in leisure with wine companions.
But this drunkeness more full of anxiety than idleness.

Sui dynasty temples lie deep within mists
Dark red leaves hidden, illuminate each other.
Travel around and along with one wine gourd
Autumn seeds on the wind small and insignificant at Mt. Tai.



Mt. Tai: Located in Shandong Province. The most eastern mountain of the Nine Great Mountains of China. A metaphor for sunrises, birth and renewal.


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