Du Mu: Evening Drink at the Beginning of Winter


Evening Drink at the Beginning of Winter

初 冬 夜 饮
淮 阳 多 病 偶 求 欢
客 袖 侵 霜 与 烛 盘。
砌 下 梨 花 一 堆 雪
明 年 谁 此 凭 栏 干。
Chu Dong Ye Yin

Huai yang duo bing ou qiu huan
Ke xiu qin shuang yu zhu pan.
Qi xia li hua yi dui xue
Ming nian shei ci ping lan gan.

Evening Drink at the Beginning of Winter

Huai Yang more ill, only seeks an occasional joy
A visitor’s sleeves feels the approaching frost while reading around a single candle.
Pear blossoms stacked as bricked snowdrifts
Next year who can join me to lean on the railing.



Huai Yang: A place and city mayor along the Huai River. He was known as an imperial advisor to a Han dynasty emperor, and for being very critical of current events.

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