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Li Kai Xin (English name: Eleanor Lee) is a Singaporean actress and singer born in Taipei to Taiwanese actress Quan Yi Fong and Singaporean artist Peter Yu. In January 2009, her parents filed for divorce. During her 14th birthday celebration organized by her godfather Addy Lee, she announced the adoption of her godfather’s surname.

Her childhood was spent in Singapore, studying at an international school. Prior to becoming an actress, she was modeling for Addyli Hair Care Product founded by Addy Lee. In 2014 upon her godfather’s introduction, she auditioned successfully for the lead role in the microfilm “The Old Record”. After its release in February 2015, she garnered huge amount of attention and was subsequently signed to Beijing Summer Star Media Co. Ltd.

Her popularity soared in 2017 after starring in the romance school-based drama series “The Big Boss”.

(Source: Wikipedia, Baidu Baike)

First Name: Kai Xin
Family Name: Li
Native name: 李凯馨
Also Known as: Li Kaixin, Yu Kai Xin, Lee Kai Xin, Lee Kai Hsin, 俞凯馨, 李凱馨, 俞凱馨
Nationality: Singaporean
Gender: Female
Born: October 12, 1999

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