Famous Chinese Actress, Shangguan Yunzhu (上官云珠)~ Chinese Movies&TV


Shangguan Yunzhu(上官云珠 Shàngguān Yúnzhū) was born Wei Junluo(韦均荦 Wéi Jūnluò) in Jiangsu Province. She was a famous actress in 1930s and 1940s.

Here is a list of her works.

As Actress

1. Two Stage Sisters 舞台姐妹 (1965)

2. Early Spring in February 早春二月 (1963)

3. Title in pinyin: ku1 mu4 feng2 chun1 枯木逢春 (1961)

4. Loyal Partners 情长谊深 (1957)

5. Title in pinyin: nan2 dao3 feng1 yun2 南岛风云 (1955)……Fu Ruohua (符若华)

6. The Crow and the Sparrow 乌鸦与麻雀 (1949)……Mrs Hua (华太太)

7. Three Girls 丽人行 (1949)

8. Lights of Ten Thousand Homes/ Myriad of Lights 万家灯火 (1948)

9. Title in pinyin: qun2 mo2 群魔 (1948)

10. Spring River Flows East, Part II 一江春水向东流续集 (1947)

11. Long Live the Wife 太太万岁 (1947)

12. Spring River Flows East, Part I 一江春水向东流 (1947)

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