Bai Juyi Poem: For Roaming Yuan Zhen – 白居易《望驿台》









[1] 望驿台:在今四川省广元县西南。

[2] 靖安宅:白居易挚友元稹的住宅,在长安城朱雀门街东第二街靖安坊内。

[3] 扑地花:花飘落坠地。

For Roaming Yuan Zhen

Bai Juyi

Your wife gazes at yellowing willows at home;

You on flowers falling on the ground while you roam.

Spring comes to end in two places on the same day;

You think of home and she of you far, far away.

Yuan and his wife long for each other on seeing falling flowers and yellow leaves.


“For Roaming Yuan Zhen” is one of the twelve poems composed by the Tang poet Bai Juyi in March of the fourth year of Yuanhe (809) for his friend Yuan Zhen’s poem “Making Dongchuan”. The poem starts with the word “Si” and goes deeper and deeper, firstly writing about the beautiful thoughts in the bedroom, then about the bitter thoughts of the traveler, then turning to the bitter thoughts of disappointment, and finally using two words of Si to clarify the poem’s meaning. The poem opens with a couplet and closes with a scattered stanza, and the chapter style is rigorous but varied, expressing the beauty of the poem’s sound and emotion.

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