Poem: Thinking of My Brothers and Sisters Scattered Here and There – 白居易《自河南经乱关内阻饥兄弟离散》









[1] 河南经乱:贞元十五年(799)春,宣武节度使董晋死后,部下举兵叛乱。三月,彰义节度使吴少诚又叛。这两次战乱,都在当时河南遭境内。

[2] 关内阻饥:贞元十四、十五年,长安周围旱灾严重。阻饥,艰难饥荒。

[3] 浮梁大兄:诗人的大哥白幼文,于贞元十五年任浮梁县主簿。

[4] 于潜七兄:诗人叔父的大儿子,曾任于潜县尉。

[5] 乌江十五兄:诗人的堂兄,曾任乌江县主簿。

[6] 符离:今安徽省宿县。诗人父亲在彭城为官,将家安在符离,所以符离是诗人青年时期的故乡。

[7] 下邽:今陕西省渭南县,也是诗人的老家。

[8] 时难:指“河南兵乱”。

[9] 年荒:指“关内阻饥”。

[10] 世业:祖宗留下的产业。

[11] 羁旅:流落异乡。

[12] 寥落:荒芜。

[13] 干戈:指战乱。

[14] 吊影:指形影相吊、孤单寂寞的样子。

[15] 辞根:树叶离开根部,比喻兄弟背井离乡。

[16] 九秋蓬:秋风中的飞蓬,比喻兄弟迁徙,行踪不定。

[17] 乡心:思念故乡之心。

[18] 五处:指题目中所提到的那五个地方。

Thinking of My Brothers and Sisters Scattered Here and There, I Write this Poem for Them by the Light of the Moon

Bai Juyi

Hard times with famine spread ruins in our home town;

My brothers go their way east or west, up and down.

Battles have left the fields and gardens desolate;

By roadside wander families wars separate.

Like far-off wild geese over lonely shadows we weep,

As scattered rootless tumbleweed in autumn deep.

We should shed yearning tears to view the moon apart;

Though in five places, we have the same homesick heart.

The poet shows his love for his brothers and sisters scattered in five places in wartime.


This poem is a seven-line poem written by Bai Juyi, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. The poem depicts the desolation of the fields and the separation of flesh and blood during the period of turmoil, expressing the disaster brought by the war to the people, and expressing the feelings of longing between brothers and sisters. The poem’s lines are tightly focused on the theme, and the words are clear, unadorned, light and elegant, with deep meaning and touching rhythm.

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