Guo Jia – Romance of the Three Kingdoms

郭嘉 - 《三国演义》


Guo Jia (170-207 AD) was a prominent military strategist and statesman during the late Eastern Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms period in Chinese history. He is widely regarded as one of the most talented advisors of his time, and his insights and strategic thinking played a key role in the success of the warlord Cao Cao.

Guo Jia was born into a family of scholars and began his career as a civil servant. However, he quickly rose to prominence for his military strategies and was soon serving as an advisor to Cao Cao. He was instrumental in several key battles, including the Battle of Guandu, where he played a crucial role in defeating the rival warlord Yuan Shao.

Guo Jia was known for his keen intelligence and his ability to see through the complexities of military and political situations. He was also known for his humility and his willingness to speak truth to power. In one famous anecdote, he told Cao Cao that his proposal to attack the city of Ye would fail, even though it was a plan that Cao Cao had been strongly advocating. When the attack did indeed fail, Cao Cao praised Guo Jia for his insight and honesty.

Despite his great talent and accomplishments, Guo Jia died at a relatively young age, reportedly from an illness. His death was a great loss to Cao Cao and his forces, as he was considered one of their most valuable advisors. In “Romance of the Three Kingdoms,” a classic Chinese novel, Guo Jia is depicted as a wise and loyal strategist who played a pivotal role in Cao Cao’s rise to power. His legacy as a brilliant military tactician and a model of integrity and loyalty is still celebrated in China today.

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