Hangzhou–maybe the most beautiful city in China


Hangzhou (Chinese: 杭州; pinyin: Hángzhōu) is the capital and largest city of Zhejiang Province in Eastern China. It is governed as a sub-provincial city. As of 2010, the entire administrative division or prefecture had a registered population of 8.7 million people. The built up area of the Hangzhou municipality had a resident population of 6.242 million in 2010 (urban and suburban districts), of which 3.56 million lived in the six urban core districts.

A core city of the Yangtze River Delta, Hangzhou has a position on the Hangzhou Bay 180 kilometres (110 mi) southwest of Shanghai that gives it economic power. It has been one of the most renowned and prosperous cities of China for much of the last 1,000 years.


Hangzhou is renowned for its historic relics and natural beauty. It is often known as one of the most beautiful cities in China, also ranking as one of the most scenic cities. Although Hangzhou has been through many recent urban developments, it still retains its historical and cultural heritage. Today, tourism remains an important factor for Hangzhou’s economy.

West Lake 


West Lakeis one of Hangzhou’s most popular sights. The West Lake Cultural Landscape covers an area of 33 km2 (3,323 hectares) and includes some of Hangzhou’s most notable historic and scenic places. Adjacent to the lake is a scenic area includes historical pagodas, cultural sites, as well as the natural beauty of the lake and hills. There are two causeways across the lake. There’re also many beautiful scenic places near west lake, such as:

Lingyin Temple


Lingyin Temple (灵隐寺 literally means “Soul’s Retreat Temple”) is located about 2 km west of West Lake. This is believed to be the oldest Buddhist temple in the city, which has gone through numerous destruction and reconstruction cycles.


 Yue-Wang Temple


Yue-Wang Temple (岳王庙, “King Yue’s Temple”) is on the north west shore of West Lake and was originally constructed in 1221 in memory of General Yue Fei, who lost his life due to political persecution.


Leifeng Pagoda 


Leifeng Pagoda(Chinese: 雷峰塔; pinyin: Léi Fēng Tǎ) is a five story tall tower with eight sides, located on Sunset Hill south of West Lake. Originally constructed in the year AD 975, it collapsed in 1924 but was rebuilt in 2002, since then it has been a popular tourist attraction.

Hangzhou cuisine 


Hangzhou’s local cuisine is often considered to be representative of Zhejiang provincial cuisine, which is claimed as one of China’s eight fundamental cuisines. The locally accepted consensus amongst Hangzhou’s natives defines dishes prepared in this style to be “fresh, tender, soft, and smooth, with a mellow fragrance.”

Dishes like West Lake Sour Fish(西湖醋鱼, Xīhú cùyú), Dongpo Pork(东坡肉, Dōnɡpō ròu), Longjing Shrimp(龙井虾仁, Lónɡjǐnɡ xiārén), Jiaohua Young Chicken(叫花鸡, Jiàohuā jī),Lotus Root Pudding(藕粉, óu fěn) are some of the better-known examples of Hangzhou’s regional cuisine.

Transportation in Hangzhou

Hangzhou has an efficient public transportation network, consisting of a modern fleet of regular diesel bus, trolley bus, hybrid diesel-electric bus and taxi. The first subway line is expected to enter into service by October 1, 2012. Hangzhou is known for its extensive Bus Rapid Transit network expanding from downtown to many suburban areas through dedicated bus lanes on some of the busiest streets in the city. Bicycles and electric scooters are very popular and major streets have dedicated bike lanes throughout the city.


Hangzhou has an extensive free public bike rental system.

Taxis are also very popular in the city. With its line of the newest Hyundai Sonatas and Volkswagen Passats, and tight regulations, the city’s taxi service is rated amongst the best in the country.


The Hangzhou Metro is currently under construction. It is expected to have 8 lines upon completion. Phase I, which consists of Line 1, the southern segment of Line 2 and part of the Line 4 that links Line 1 and 2, is scheduled to open for service on October 1, 2012.

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