Huangdi neijing 黄帝内经 “The Inner Classic of the Yellow Emperor”


The most important book of Chinese medicine and a very important book of Daoist practice is the Yellow Emperor 黄帝. It consists of two parts, the Suwen 素问 “questions of fundamental nature” and the Lingshu 灵枢 “spiritual pivot”, a book also called Zhenjing 针经 “Classic of Acupuncture” because the latter is its main content . The book is concepted as a dialog between the Yellow Emperor and Qi Bo 歧伯, his doctor. There is a complete translation by Maoshing Ni (1995), The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine; Boston: Shambala, in which the translation of chapter titles is rather made according to the content than literally.


1. 上古天真论篇 Shanggu tianzhen The universal truth
2. 四气调神大论篇 Siqi diaoshen dalun The art of life through the four seasons
3. 生气通天论篇 Shengqi tongtian The union of Heaven and human beings
4. 金匮真言论篇 Jinkui zhenyan The truth from the Golden Chamber
5. 阴阳应象大论篇 Yinyang yingxiang dalun The manifestation of Yin and Yang from the macrocosm to the microcosm
6. 阴阳离合论篇 Yinyang zahe The interplay of Yin and Yang
7. 阴阳别论篇 Yinyang bielun Further discourse on Yin and Yang
8. 灵兰秘典论篇 Linglan midian The sacred teachings
9. 六节藏象论篇 Liujie cangxiang The energetic cycles of the universe and their effects of human beings
10. 五藏生成篇 Wuzang shengcheng Dysfunction of the five zang viscera
11. 五藏别论篇 Wuzang bielun Further discourse on the five zang viscera
12. 异法方宜论篇 Yifa fangyi Methods of treatment
13. 移精变气论篇 Yijing bianqi Treatment of the mind and the body
14. 汤液醪醴论篇 Tangye liaoli The art of medicine
15. 玉版论要篇 Yuban lunyao Doctrine of the jade tablet
16. 诊要经终论篇 Zhenyao jingzhong Diagnostic importance and discussion of the collapse of the meridians
17. 脉要精微论篇 Maiyao jingwei The methods of pulse examination
18. 平人气象论篇 Pingren qixiang Pulse analysis
19. 玉机真藏论篇 Yuji zhenzang Seasonal variations and abnormalities in pulses
20. 三部九候论篇 Sanbu jiuhou Determining life and death
21. 经脉别论篇 Jingmai bielun Meridian pathology and corresponding pulse signs
22. 藏气法时论篇 Zangqi fashi Seasonal organ pathology
23. 宣明五气篇 Xuanming wuqi Paradigm of the five elemental phases
24. 血气形志篇 Xueqi xingzhi Channel constituents and acupuncture techniques
25. 宝命全角论篇 Baoming quanxing The preservation of health
26. 八正神明论篇 Bazheng shenming Acupuncture in accordance with cosmic cycles
27. 离合真邪篇 Lihe zhenxie Pathogens
28. 通评虚实论篇 Tongping xushi The nature of excess and deficiency
29. 太阴阳明论篇 Taiyin yangming Discourse on the taiyin and yangmingchannel
30. 阳明脉解篇 Yangming maijie Disorder of the yangming channel
31. 热论篇 Relun Discussion of febrile disease
32. 刺热篇 Cire Acupuncture in the treatment of febrile disease
33. 评热病论篇 Ping rebing A discourse on Wen Bing
34. 逆调论篇 Nidiao Imbalances
35. 疟论篇 Nüe Malaria-like illnesses
36. 刺疟篇 Cinüe Acupuncture in the treatment of malaria
37. 气厥论篇 Qique Pathologic disorders of heat and cold
38. 欬论篇 Kailun Etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of cough
39. 举痛论篇 Jutong Differentiation of pain
40. 腹中论篇 Fuzhong Conditions of the abdomen
41. 刺腰痛篇 Ciyao tong Acupuncture in the treatment of back pain
42. 风论篇 Fenglun The pathology of wind
43. 痹论篇 Bi The bi syndrome
44. 痿论篇 Wei Wei conditions
45. 厥论篇 Que Jue conditions: The separation of Yin and Yang
46. 病能论篇 Bingneng Normal and abnormal courses of illness
47. 奇病论篇 Qibing Unusual illness
48. 大奇论篇 Daqi Extraordinary illness
49. 脉解篇 Maijie Channel pathology in accordance with the energy almanac
50. 刺要论篇 Ciyao Rudiments of acupuncture
51. 刺齐论篇 Ciqi Needle depth in acupucture
52. 刺禁论篇 Cijin Contraindications in acupuncture
53. 刺志论篇 Cizhi Principles of tonification and sedation in acupuncture
54. 针解篇 Qianjie The art of acupuncture
55. 长刺节论篇 Changci jie Acupuncture techniques
56. 皮部论篇 Pibu Dermatomes of the channels
57. 经络论篇 Jingluo Channels and collaterals
58. 气穴论篇 Qixue Acupuncture points
59. 气府论篇 Qifu Pathways of the channels
60. 骨空论篇 Gukong Acupoints along skeletal indentations
61. 水热穴论篇 Shuirexue Acupuncture treatment in water and febrile diseases
62. 调经论篇 Diaojing Regulation of the channels
63. 缪刺论篇 Miuci Acupuncturing the superficial Luo
64. 四时刺逆从论篇 Sishi cini cong Acupuncture according to the seasons
65. 标本病传论篇 Biaoben bingchuan Biao and Ben and the transmission of disease
66. 天元纪大论篇 Tianyuanji dalun Energy almanac
67. 五运行大论篇 Wuyunxing dalun The Five Phases circuits
68. 六微旨大论篇 Liuweizhi dalun The six atmospheric influences
69. 气交变大论篇 Qijiaobian dalun Effects of the five elemental phases and the six atmospheric influences
70. 五常政大论篇 Wuchang zheng dalun Rules of phase energetics
71. 六元正纪大论篇 Liuyuan zhengji dalun The six macrocosmic influences
72. 刺法论篇 Cifa Acupuncture in epidemiology
73. 本病论篇 Benbing Etiology of disease
74. 至真要大论篇 Zhizhen yao dalun Essentials on disease and therapy
75. 着至教论篇 Zhuzhijiao The Yellow Emperor on pathology
76. 示从容论篇 Shi congrong The importance of correct diagnosis
77. 疏五过论篇 Shu wuguo The five failings of physicians
78. 征四失论篇 Zheng sishi The four lapses of physicians
79. 阴阳类论篇 Yinyanglei The three yin and the three yang channels in the human body
80. 方盛衰论篇 Fangshengshuai Growth and decline of energy
81. 解精微论篇 Jiejingwei Subtle reasoning

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