Li Bai: Heavenly Arrival Song


Heavenly Arrival Song



临 路 歌
大 鹏 飞 兮 振 八 裔
中 天 摧 兮 力 不 济。
馀 风 激 兮 万 世
游 扶 桑 兮 挂 石 袂。
后 人 得 之 传 此
仲 尼 亡 兮 谁 为 出 涕?
Lin Lu Ge

Da peng fei xi zhen ba yi
Zhong tian cui xi dao bu ji.
Yu feng ji xi wan shi
You fu sang xi gua shi mei.
Hou ren dei zhi zhuang ci
Zhong ni wang xi shei wei chu tian?


Heavenly Arrival Song

Big roc flies, flaps to all eight cardinal directions
Moving to the center of the sky, strong forces breaks its wings.
After winds, pushed into ten thousand lifetimes
Travel up to celestial mulberry trees, snared sleeves like being suspended
from a rock
Later generations want to give this bird it’s freedom
When Kongzi died, who can shed tears for this animal?



Big roc:  Large mythological bird of prey that transforms from a fish into a bird.   Zhuangzi talks of this bird in the first of his Inner Chapters.

Kongzi:  The West knows him as Confucius.

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