Li Bai: Laolao Pavilion


Laolao Pavilion



劳 劳 亭
天 下 伤 心 处
劳 劳 送 客 亭。
春 风 知 别 苦
不 遣 柳 条 青。
Lao Lao Ting

Tian xia shang xin chu
Lao lao song ke ting
Chun feng zhi bie ku
Bu qian liu tiao qing


Laolao Pavilion

Down here on earth, wounded heart-minds are everywhere
Lao Lao pavilion a place to send off visitors and friends.
Spring winds know of their departure suffering and tears
Do not let the people hand out their green willow branches.


Willow branches: By custom they handed to the departing loved ones as a reminder of the giver, and as a token of affection. Too many departures could result in denuded lower willow tree branches.

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