Li Bai: Mt. Emei Moon Songs, Send Off Sichuan Buddhist Monk Yan, Going to the Capital


Mt Emei Moon Songs, Send Off Sichuan Buddhist Monk Yan, Going to the Capital



峨 眉 山 月 歌 送 蜀 僧 晏 入 中 京
我 在 巴 东 三 峡 时
西 看 明 月 忆 峨 眉。
月 出 峨 眉 照 沧 海
与 人 万 里 长 相 随。
黄 鹤 楼 前 月 华 白
此 中 忽 见 峨 眉 客。
峨 眉 山 月 还 送 君
风 吹 西 到 长 安 陌。
长 安 大 道 横 九 天
峨 眉 山 月 照 秦 川。
黄 金 师 子 承 高 座
白 玉 麈 尾 谈 重 玄。
我 似 浮 云 滞 吴 越
君 逢 圣 主 游 丹 阙。
一 振 高 名 满 帝 都
归 时 还 弄 峨 眉 月。


E Mei Shan Yue Ge Song Shu Seng Yan Ru Zhong Jing

Wo zai ba dong san xia shi
Xi kan ming yue yi e mei
Yue chu e mei zhao cang hai
Yu ren wan li chang xiang sui.

Huang he lou qian yue hua bai
Ci zhong hu jian e mei ke.
E mei shan yue huan song jun
Feng chui xi dao chang an mo.

Chang an da dao heng jiu tian
E mei shan yue zhao qin chuan
Huang jin shi zi cheng gao zuo
Bai yu zhu wei tan chong xuan.

Wo si fu yun zhi wu yue
Jun feng sheng zhu you dan que.
Yi zhen gao ming man di dou
Gui shi huan nong e mei yue.


Mt Emei Moon Songs, Send Off Sichuan Buddhist Monk Yan, Going to the Capital

The last time when I was near the areas east of Three Gorges
West of Emei, recall seeing a bright moon in the west.
Moon comes out above Emei, illuminates even the dark blue ocean
Give people as far as three thousand miles a moonlight that also follows us.

In front of the Yellow Crane Tower the moon’s radiance makes everything white
In the middle see my Emei guests.
The Mt. Emei moon also sends you off on your return trip
West winds blow on the footpaths between fields on the way to Chang’an.

From the nine directions main highways end in Chang’an
The Emei moon illuminates all the way to the Shaanxi plain
You will travel upon the tall, yellow gold pedestal
Holding a white jade whisk, repeating the Laozi stories of the Mystery.

I like to float like the clouds to join you, but I am stuck here in Wu
You travel to the palace to meet the sacred emperor.
Your lectures will make you very famous throughout the imperial compounds
When it is time to return, your heart-mind will play with the Emei moon.



Mt. Emei:  One of the Four Sacred Mountains of Buddhism located in Sichuan Province.

Wu: Nation state and region during the Zhou Dynasty located around the mouth of the Changjiang (modern province of Zhejiang).

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