Li Bai: Mt. Guan Moon


Mt. Guan Moon (Melody)



关 山 月
明 月 出 天 山
苍 茫 云 海 间。
长 风 几 万 里
吹 度 玉 门 关。
汉 下 白 登 道
胡 窥 青 海 湾。
由 来 征 战 地
不 见 有 人 还。
戎 客 望 边 色
思 归 多 苦 颜。
高 楼 当 此 夜
叹 息 未 应 闲。
Guan Shan Yue

Ming yue chu tian shan
Cang mang yun hai jian.
Chang feng ji wan li
Chui du yu men guan.

Han xia bai deng dao
Hu kui qing hai wan.
You lai zheng zhan di
Bu jian you ren huan.

Rong ke wang bian se
Si gui duo ku yan.
Gao lou dang ci ye
Tan xi wei ying xian.


Mt. Guan Moon (Melody)

Bright moon goes beyond Mt. Tian
Ocean of clouds dark blue and hazy.
Wind here blows from many thousands of miles away
Blows hard to the closed Jade Gate.

The late Han Dynasty emperor holed up at Bai Deng
Northern nomads contend for control of the Qing Sea water.
From the beginning, long journey to reach this battlefield
They do not see their loved ones ever again.

Transitory visitors gaze into the distance to the frontier colors
Thinking of their return, many faces full of pain and suffering.
From tall buildings, ladies face this evening
Sigh after sigh, not yet able to relax in leisure.



Mt. Tian:  Also known as Mt. Tai in modern day Shandong Province.   One of the Sacred Mountains of China associated with sunrise, birth and renewal.

Jade Gate: Highest peak of Mt. Tai

Bai Deng:  A mountain in Shanxi Province and site of a famous battle in 200 BC between the Han army and the Xiongnu (northern nomads).

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