Li Bai: Pass By the Cui Bazhong River Pavilion


Pass By the Cui Bazhong River Pavilion



过 崔 八 丈 水 亭
高 阁 横 秀 气
清 幽 并 在 君。
檐 飞 宛 溪 水
窗 落 敬 亭 云。
猿 啸 风 中 断
渔 歌 月 里 闻。
闲 随 白 鸥 去
沙 上 自 为 群。
Guo Cui Ba Zhang Shui Ting

Gao ge heng xiu qi
Qing you bing zai jun.
Yan fei wan xi shui
Chuang luo jing ting yun.

Yuan xiao feng zhong duan
Yu ge yue li wen.
Xian sui bai ou qu
Sha shang zi wei qun.


Pass By the Cui Bazhong River Pavilion

Tall pavilion, unexpected and widely spread elegance
Remote serenity merges with your essence.
Flying eaves winding around with the small stream water
Pavilion windows, low-flying clouds.

Monkeys roar, wind enhances and stops the sounds
Fishing songs and stories under the moon.
My idleness follows the departing white seagulls
Be a part of the flock upon the sand.



Flying eaves:  The ancient architectural style of bending upward the four corners of a building’s roof and eaves.  Very common even today throughout China and Asia.


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