Li Bai: Send As a Gift to Mr. Cui, Imperial Palace Guard


Send As a Gift to Mr. Cui, Imperial Palace Guard

赠 崔 侍 御
长 剑 一 杯 酒
男 儿 方 寸 心。
洛 阳 因 剧 孟
托 宿 诘 胸 襟。
但 仰 山 岳 秀
不 知 江 海 深。
长 安 复 携 手
再 顾 重 千 金。
君 乃 车 轩 佐
余 叨 翰 墨 林。
高 风 摧 秀 木
虚 弹 落 惊 禽。
不 取 回 舟 兴
而 来 命 驾 寻。
扶 摇 应 借 便
桃 李 愿 成 阴。
笑 吐 张 仪 舌
愁 为 庄 舄 吟。
谁 怜 明 月 夜
肠 断 听 秋 砧。


Zeng Cui Shi Yu

Chang jian yi bei jiu
Nan er fang cun xin.
Luo yang yin ju meng
Tuo su jie xiong jin.

Dan yang shan yue xiu
Bu zhi jiang hai shen.
Chang an fu xie shou
Zai gu chong qian jin.

Jun nai you xuan zuo
Yu tao han mo lin.
Gao feng cui xiu mu
Xu tan luo jing qin.

Bu qu hui zhou xing
Er lai ming jia xun.
Fu yao ying jie bian
Tao li yuan cheng yin.

Xiao tu zhang yi she
Chou wei zhuang xi yin.
Shei lian ming yue ye
Chang duan ting qiu zhen.


Send As a Gift to Mr. Cui, Imperial Palace Guard

Long swords, one cup of wine
Real men have hearts-minds sharp as a sword point.
In Luoyang you follow the example of Ju Meng
Stay overnight we talk about states of mind.

Still admire lofty and elegant mountains
Do not know how deep our wine cups are.
In Chang’an we traveled hand-in-hand
Meeting again worth more than one thousand pieces of gold.

Then, you were with those inside small curtained carriages
I was waiting inside the Hanlin Academy.
But high winds destroy elegant trees
Startled birds fall from their perches.

Like Prince Yu, who turned around his boat, do not have to see the Master Daoist
But I have to search and meet you again.
I need a little shake and help to get airborne
People well matched, like peaches and plums, desire being together in the shade.

Laugh, as long as I have the gift of a tongue, I will express myself
Like Zhuang Xi, who chanted songs in his native language.
Who can sympathize with the bright, night time moonlight
Heart broken, listen to the autumn water-driven chopping block.



Hanlin Academy:  A group of elite scholars which was organized during the reign of Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty. Their main activities included interpreting the Chinese Classics for the emperor and for the imperial exams used to qualify government officials.


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