Li Bai: Young Man Yang Pan Er


Young Man Yang Pan

杨 叛 儿
君 歌 杨 叛 儿
妾 劝 新 丰 酒。
何 许 最 关 人
乌 啼 白 门 柳。
乌 啼 隐 杨 花
君 醉 留 妾 家。
博 山 炉 中 沉 香 火
双 烟 一 气 凌 紫 霞。
Yang Pan Er

Jun ge yang pan er
Qie quan xin feng jiu.
He xu zui guan ren
Wu ti bai men liu.

Wu ti yin yang hua
Jun zui liu qie jia.
Bo shan lu zhong chen xiang huo
Shuang yan yi qi ling zi xia.



Young Man Yang Pan

Yang Pan’s song
Palace lady offers him more excellent and fresh Jiangnan wine
The best part of me praises this boy I find so dear
The crows of Baimen outside the western gate call to him from the willows.

Hidden crows caw among the poplar blossoms
After drunk, she asks him to stay in her home
Multi-layered and ornate incense burner at the center of a fragrant fire
Both the mists and the aromas rise together into the purple evening glow.



Jiangnan: Literally means south of the river. The region around the mouth of the Changjiang (Yangzi River) in Zhejiang Province.

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