Li Kui – Water Margin

黑旋风李逵 - 《水浒传》


“Li Kui,” also known as “Heixuanfeng” or “Black Whirlwind,” is a fictional character in the classic Chinese novel “The Water Margin.” He is known for his distinctive appearance, with a fierce and rugged face, large eyes, and a thick beard. He is often depicted as one of the most feared and respected characters in the novel, both by his allies and his enemies.

Li Kui is a master of martial arts, particularly with a pair of broadswords. He is also highly skilled in using a variety of other weapons, including spears, daggers, and hooks. He is quick and agile in combat, and his bravery and fighting spirit make him a formidable opponent in battle.

Aside from his physical prowess, Li Kui is also known for his cunning and wit. He is often the one who comes up with clever strategies and plans in the novel, and he is always ready with a quick joke or quip to lighten the mood in tense situations.

Despite his rough exterior, Li Kui is a loyal and trustworthy ally. He is always ready to help his friends and is never afraid to take on a dangerous mission to protect them. He is also deeply committed to the cause of justice and equality, and he joins the 108 Outlaws of the Water Margin to fight against corruption and oppression.

In the novel, Li Kui becomes one of the key leaders of the outlaw band and helps to build a sense of unity and community among the members. He becomes close friends with many of the other characters, including Song Jiang, Lu Junyi, and Wu Song, and he helps to foster a strong sense of camaraderie and brotherhood among the outlaws.

Overall, Li Kui is a complex and dynamic character in “The Water Margin,” and his courage, cunning, and loyalty make him one of the most beloved characters in the novel. He serves as a model of bravery, determination, and friendship, and he remains an important figure in Chinese literature and culture even today.

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