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Today, I will introduce a Chinese film which called Life (人生rén shēng). So let us have a brief introduction.

Life is a 1985 Chinese film directed by Wu Tianming (吴天明Wú Tiānmíng ). This film was adapted from Chinese Writer Lu Yao’s (路遥Lù Yáo) novel of the same title.


Gao Jialin (高佳林Gāo Jiālín) the hero in this film is a zhiqing(知青zhī qīng). He was sent to the coutryside to learn farming, as many other youth at that time. He and the country girl Qiaozhen (巧珍qiǎo zhēn) fell in love with each other. Later on Gao broke up with Qiaozhen for the opportunity to stay in city. However, he finally lost the opportunity and had to go back to the countryside, only to find that Qiaozhen had married someone else. Gao Jialin began to view his life.

It reflects the trend of leaving the countryside and pursuing urban life of that period. Therefore this film arouse a lot of attention and discussion.

The film won Golden Rooster Award for Best Music, Hundred Flowers Award for Best Actress and Best Picture in 1985.

This is a very fabulous film.

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