Liu Yong: Qu Yu Guan ~ 《曲玉管》 柳永 with English Translations



《曲玉管》 柳永



Qu Yu Guan
Liu Yong

Clouds flying over the mountaintop,
Dusk gathering by the riverside,
An eyeful of misty waves,
From leaning by the balustrade,
A sweeping glance of the frontier river gleans a bleak scene,
A thousand li of clear autumn sky.
Care for a fixed gaze?
Far and away in the Sacred Capital,
The sashaying fairies,
Since parting, brocaded words proved hard to connect,
The broken line of wild geese, unreliable,
Gliding down to the shallows by the shore.
Woes endless.

Secretly recalling those days:
How many
Stolen joys and happy rendezvous!
Who would have known
Those meetings and partings hardly predictable,
And should turn into bitter rains and gloomy clouds?
Stop chasing past funs.
Now every mountain climbing or standing over waters
Brings up this affair of my life,
A spell of killing gloom,
Leaving me wordless the whole day,
Wanting to descend to the ground floor.

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