Lu You: Palace Visited at Night A Dream ~ 《夜游宫·记梦寄师伯浑》 陆游 with English Translations



《夜游宫·记梦寄师伯浑》 陆游


Palace Visited at Night
A Dream

Lu You

On snowy morning I hear flute on flute pell-mell
Where did I dream? I know not well.
I seemed to see a flood of silent cavaliers
On the northern frontiers,
West of the Wild Geese Pass
By desert-side, alas!

Awake, I only find cold candlelight,
The water clock no longer goes,
At my paper window peeps the slanting moonlight.
I promised to win victory far away.
But, O, who knows?
My hope sinks dead, my hair turns grey.

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