Lu Yu: Early Summer Leisurely Walk Between Small Villages


Early Summer Leisurely Walk Between Small Villages



初 夏 闲 步 村 落 间
薄 云 韬 日 不 成 晴
野 水 通 池 渐 欲 平。
绿 叶 忽 低 知 鸟 立
青 萍 微 动 觉 鱼 行。
醉 游 放 荡 初 何 适?
睡 起 逍 遥 未 易 名。
忽 遇 湖 边 隐 君 子
相 携 一 笑 慰 余 生。


Chu Xia Xian Bu Cun Luo Jian

Bo yun tao ri bu chang qing
Ye shui tong chi jian yu ping.
Lu ye hu di zhi niao li
Qing ping wei dong jue yu xing.

Zui you fang dang chu he shi?
Shui qi xiao yao wei yi ming.
Hu yu hu bian yin jun zi
Xiang xie yi xiao wei yu sheng.


Early Summer Leisurely Walk Between Small Villages

Thin clouds conceal the sun and blue skies
Open country waters flow into ponds that are almost full.
Green leaves hanging low to the ground from large perched birds
Little movement from the green duckweed that touches the moving fish.

Why worry about anything when swimming while drunk?
So carefree, when I wake up and arise there are no thoughts of fame.
Met by chance an old friend who conceals his children
Hand-in-hand we smile and console each other late in life.

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