Lu Yu: Farm Household Discussions


Farming Household Discussions



农 家 叹
有 山 皆 种 麦
有 水 皆 和 粳。
牛 领 疮 见 骨
叱 叱 犹 夜 耕。
竭 力 事 本 业
所 愿 乐 太 平。
门 前 谁 剥 啄?
县 吏 征 租 声。
一 身 入 县 庭
日 夜 穷 笞 搒。
人 孰 不 惮 死?
自 计 无 由 生。
还 家 欲 具 说
恐 伤 父 母 情。
老 人 傥 得 食
妻 子 鸿 毛 轻!
Nong Jia Tan

You shan jie zhong mai
You shui jie zhong jing.
Niu ling chuang jian gu
Chi chi you ye geng.

Jie li shi ben ye
Suo yuan yue tai ping.
Men qian shei bao zhuo?
Xian li zheng zu sheng.

Yi shen ru xian ting
Ri ye qiong chi bang.
Ren shu bu dan si?
Zi ji wu you sheng.

Huan jia yu ju shui
Kong shang fu mu qing.
Lao ren tang de shi
Qi zi hong mao qing!


Farming Household Discussions

Different types of grain grown in all the foothills
Rice paddies planted around rivers.
See bone and sores under oxen collars
They need shouted rebukes to do evening plowing.

Foundation of this rural business exhausts their energies
Wish to be in a place of happy peace and tranquility.
Who is in front pounding on the doors?
County petty officials make their long journeys to collect rent.

Non-payment has one family member inside custody
Day and night these poor people threatened with a whip.
What person is not afraid to die?
Naturally they may stay inside to allow their family to eat.

Eventually going back home they discuss their time in jail
Fathers and mothers fearful for the wounds they may have suffered.
In any case, the old people get some food coming to them
Wife and children content with what is left like swan feathers!

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