Lu Yu: Households East and West


Households East and West



东 西 家
东 家 云 出 岫
西 家 笼 半 山。
西 家 泉 落 涧
东 家 鸣 珮 环。
相 对 篱 数 掩
各 有 茅 三 间。
芹 羹 与 麦 饭
日 不 废 往 还。
儿 女 若 一 家
鸡 犬 意 自 闲。
我 亦 思 卜 邻
馀 地 君 勿 悭。
Dong Xi Jia

Dong jia yun chu xiu
Xi jia long ban shan.
Xi jia quan luo jian
Dong jia ming pei huan.

Xiang dui li shu yan
Ge you mao san jian.
Qin geng yu mai fan
Ri bu fei wang huan.

Er nu ruo yi jia
Ji quan yi zi xian.
Wo yi si bu lin
Yu di jun wu qian.


Households East and West

Eastern clouds out from eastern mountain peaks
Half of the houses to the west are covered as well.
Water settles into a ravine springhead for western households
In the east, houses surrounded by the sounds of pendants swinging on feminine waists.

Each side with hidden houses behind many fences
Everyone’s three-part house with thatched roofs.
Wild celery and cooked grains make thick soup
After daily chores, no one comes back empty-handed.

Their sons and daughters play together like one family
Even the dogs and chickens joined in leisure.
I also think about my favorite neighbors
Want to live on the land where people are not stingy.


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