Lu Yu: Many Clouds Coming Together


Many Clouds Coming Together



云 童 童 行
云 童 童, 挟 雨 来
雨 未 濡 土 云 已 开
不 能 为 人 敛 浮 埃。
山 南 山 北 空 闻 雷
青 秧 欲 槁 吁 可 哀。
Yun Tong Tong Xing

Yun tong tong, xie yu lai.
Yu wei ru tu yun yi kai
Bu neng wei ren lian fu ai.
Shan nan shan bei kong wen lei
Qing yan yu gao xu ke ai.


Many Clouds Coming Together

Thickening clouds, rains compelled to arrive.
Clouds already open, yet has not moistened the earth
Not able to wash away all of the dust.
Mountains to the north and south only hear thunder
Withered green sprouts sigh, able to grieve and hope for more.

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