Lu Yu: Old General


Old General



老 将
宝 剑 夜 长 鸣
金 痍 老 未 平。
指 弓 夸 野 战
抵 掌 说 番 情。
已 矣 黑 山 戍
怅 然 青 史 名。
和 亲 不 用 武
教 子 作 儒 生!
Lao Jiang

Bao jian ye chang ming
Jin yi lao wei ping.
Zhi gong kus ye zhan
Di zhang shui fan qing.

Yi yi hei shan shu
Chang ran qing shi ming.
He qin bu yong wu
Jiao zi zuo ru sheng!


Old General

His hanging double-edged sword, long evening of bird sounds
Nicked sword edge old and not yet sharpened.
His bow was used to help him in battles with the northern nomads
With one hand in another, he talked about the emotional encounters with the barbarians.

He is totally done protecting the dark mountains
Disappointed he was unable to attach his name to this history with honor.
Instead of using our military, we used marriage diplomacy.
And taught our youth to live a Confucian life!



Marriage diplomacy: The ancient Chinese often paid bribes and married off their young women to appease the northern nomads for peace.

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