Lu Yu: Plum Blossoms: Four-Line Poem


Plum Blossoms: Four-Line Poem



梅 花: 绝 句
闻 道 梅 花 坼 晓 风
雪 堆 遍 满 四 山 中。
何 方 可 化 身 千 亿?
一 树 梅 花 一 放 翁!
Mei Hua: Jue Ju

Wen dao mei hua che xiao feng
Xue dui bian man si shan zhong.
He fang ke hua shen qian yi?
Yi shu mei hua yi fang weng.


Plum Blossoms: Four-Line Poem

Plum blossoms break open in the dawn breezes that facilitates an awakening of the Dao
All four directions, mountains full of piled-up snowdrifts.
To which direction do these millions of body pieces go?
One tree of plum blossoms had this one released old man.

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