Lu Yu: Six Word Lines of Various Moods


Six Word Lines of Various Moods



六 言 条 兴
梦 里 明 明 周 孔
胸 中 历 历 唐 虞。
欲 尽 致 君 事业
先 求 养 气 工 夫。
Liu Yan Za Xing

Meng li ming ming zhou kong
Xiong zhong li li tang yu.
Yu jin zhi jun shi ye
Xian qiu yang qi gong fu.


Six Word Lines of Various Moods

Dreams of the great Zhou Gong and Kongzi
Deep in my chest are Tang Yao and Yu Shun.
Want to help and achieve good works
Need cultivated skills in order to seek their spirits.


Zhou Gong:  Also known as the Duke Wen of Zhou, he was an early emperor of the Western Zhou Dynasty. (r. 1042-1035 BC). Famous for having written the Yi Jing (I Ching), the Book of Poetry, and the Rites of Zhou, as well as the yayue classical music. He also elaborated the concept of the Mandate of Heaven, and was an example of a leader of virtue.

Kongzi:  Also known as Confucius (ca.551-479)

Tang Yao: ( ca. 2324-2206 BC) and Yu Shun  (ca. 2294-2184) were the last two rulers during the Period of the Legendary Rulers.
(ca. 2600-2070 BC).

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