Lu Yu: Village Dwellings


Village Dwellings



村 居
石 帆 山 下 乐 谁 如?
八 尺 轻 舠 万 顷 湖。
能 酿 人 家 分 小 榼
爱 棋 道 士 寄 新 图。
条 枚 积 地 树 鸡 栅
沟 港 接 筒 浇 芋 区。
父 子 还 家 更 何 事
断 编 灯 下 讲 唐 虞。
Cun Ju

Shi fan shan xia yue shei ru?
Ba chi qing dao wan qing hu.
Neng niang ren jia fen xiao ke
Ai qi dao shi ji xin tu.

Tiao mei ji di shu ji zha
Gou gang jie tong jiao yu qu.
Fu zi huan jia geng he shi
Duan bian deng xia jiang tang yu.


Village Dwellings

Who is like me so deep inside the mountains and happy?
Small eight-foot kayak on a very large lake.
Nearby households make me a separate and small wine bottle
Daoist scholars sent to me a new schematic of chessboard positions.

Small branches and twigs laid down for walkways and chicken pens
Thick bamboo lengths as pipes and conduits for irrigated areas.
Young son and I go back to our hometown activities
Read and explained to him about the old philosophies from broken and falling apart books.

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