Lu Yu: Village House At the Beginning of Summer


Village House at the Beginning of Summer



村 居 初 夏
暮 境 难 禁 日 月 催
腊 醅 初 见 拆 泥 开。
压 车 麦 穗 黄 云 卷
食 叶 蚕 声 白 雨 来。
蒲 饭 蕨 薇 端 可 饱
短 衫 纻 葛 亦 新 裁。
宦 途 自 古 多 忧 畏
白 首 为 农 信 乐 哉!


Cun Ju Chu Xia

Mu jing nan jin ri yue cui
La pei chu jian chai ni kai.
Ya che mai sui huang yun juan
Shi ye can sheng bai yu lai.

Pu fan jue wei duan ke bao
Duan shan zhu he yi xin cai.
Huan tu zi gu duo you wei
Bai shou wei nong xin le zai!


Village House at the Beginning of Summer

My sunset situation, difficult to endure the quickening suns and moons
Unfiltered wine to celebrate the gods during the twelfth lunar month, open up the unsealed jars.
Overloaded carts with scrolled clouds of yellow grain tassels
Clear rain arrives, sounds of silkworms chomping on the leaves.

Can be filled up on rice porridge with added ferns and wild plants
I wear short, unlined shirts from newly cut kudzu and ramie cloth.
Government officials naturally have many fears and anxieties
While this white-haired man converted to a farmer has found true happiness!


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