Lu Yu: Writings of Indignation


Writings of Indignation



书 愤
早 岁 那 知 世 事 艰?
中 原 北 望 气 如 山。
楼 船 夜 雪 瓜 州 渡
铁 马 秋 风 大 散 关。
塞 上 长 城 空 自 许
镜 中 衰 鬓 已 先 斑。
出 师 一 表 真 名 世
千 载 谁 堪 伯 仲 间?
Shu Fen

Zao sui na zhi shi shi jian?
Zhong yuan bei wang qi zhi shan.
Lou zhao ye xue gua zhou du
Tie ma chou feng da shan guan.

Sai shang chang cheng kong zi xu
Jing zhong cui bin yi xian ban.
Chu shi yi biao zhen ming shi
Qian zai shei kan bo zang jian?


Writings of Indignation

In my early years did I realize how difficult society things can be?
Gaze into the distance to the northern Central Plains, the invaders like mountains.
Towers and boats in evening snow at the Guazhou ferry crossing.
Armored horses with autumn winds in the Shanxi gated mountain passes.

General Tan Daoji’ promises to hold back the nomads along the Great Wall were not realized
In the mirror already see my patchy, disappearing hair.
Like Zhuge Liang, I also wrote a “Chu Shi Yi Biao” for the emperor
Who after a thousand years between us are still like brothers?


Central Plains:  A region surrounding the middle and lower sections of the Yellow River. The province of Henan and portions of nearby provinces.

Guazhou: Lu Yu remembers he was at this battle near Yangzhou.

Tan Daoji:  High-ranking general of the Southern Song forces that was killed by usurpers.

Zhuge Liang:  He wrote “Chu Shi Yi Biao” as a warning to the emperor that bad palace people were giving him incorrect advice.

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