Mao Ju – Romance of the Three Kingdoms

毛玠 - 《三国演义》


“Mao Ju” is a character in the Chinese classical novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms.” The novel, written by Luo Guanzhong during the Ming dynasty, is a historical epic that details the power struggles and wars among the states of Wei, Shu, and Wu during the late Eastern Han dynasty and the Three Kingdoms period of China.

Mao Ju, also known as Mao Sui, is a minor character in the novel and is mentioned as a trusted general of Liu Bei, the founder of Shu Han. He is said to have been appointed as the Governor of Yuzhou and was known for his bravery and loyalty to Liu Bei. Mao Ju is described as a man of great integrity and virtue, and is remembered for his unwavering loyalty to his lord.

Despite his limited role in the novel, Mao Ju serves as an example of the ideals of loyalty and filial piety that were highly valued in traditional Chinese society. His character serves to highlight the importance of loyalty in the relationships between rulers and subjects, and the virtues of the ideal Confucian scholar-gentleman.

In conclusion, Mao Ju is a minor but memorable character in “Romance of the Three Kingdoms.” He serves as a symbol of loyalty and virtue, and serves to emphasize the importance of these qualities in traditional Chinese society. The novel remains a popular classic to this day and continues to be widely read and studied for its historical and cultural significance.

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