Meng Haoran: Da Yu Temple: Ancient Way of Chan


Da Yu Temple: Ancient Way of Chan

大 禹 寺 义 公 禅
义 公 习 禅 寂
宇 结 依 空 林。
户 外 一 峰 秀
阶 前 众 壑 深。
夕 阳 连 雨 足
空 翠 落 庭 阴。
看 取 涟 花 净
方 知 不 染 心。
Da Yu Si Yi Gong Chan

Yi gong xi chan ji
Yu jie yi kong lin
Hu wai yi feng xiu
Jie qian zhong wang shen

Xi yang lian yu zu
Kong cui luo ting yin
Kan qu lian hua jing
Fang zhi bu ran xin.


Da Yu Temple: Ancient Way of Chan

With respect this old man within a deep and quiet contemplation
Bearing of fruit temperament relies on empty forests.
Outside the door, one beautiful and elegant peak
In front of the steps, many deep ravines.

Setting sun, continuous rain is sufficient
Descends on the shady emerald green and unoccupied front courtyard.
Watch as continual drops draw and wipe the flowers clean
Morally upright knowledge does not stain heart-mind.



Da Yu Temple:  Located near Weinan, Zhejiang Province. It was built to honor the ancient emperor Yu the Great (2123-2025 BC), legendary king and controller of the floods.

Chan: Zen Buddhism: The Chinese word for the Sanskrit word for “dhyana”.  Dhyana is a deep and centered concentration.  When the this philosophy moved into Japan, it became known as Zen.

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