Meng Haoran: Sunset at Caiyang


Sunset at Caiyang



习 次 蔡 洋 馆
夕 暮 马 行 疾
城 荒 人 住 稀。
听 歌 宜 近 楚
投 馆 忽 如 归。
鲁 墕 田 畴 广
章 陵 畦 色 微。
明 朝 拜 嘉 庆
须 着 老 莱 衣。
Xi Ci Cai Yang Guan

Ri mu ma xing ji
Cheng huang ren zhu xi.
Ting ge yi jin chu
Tou guan hu ru gui.

Lu yan tian chou guang
Zhang ling qi se wei.
Ming zhao bai jia qing
Xu zhe lao lai yi.


Sunset at Caiyang

Today at dusk, after traveling fast on horseback
This city like a wilderness with very few people.
Listening to the songs, must be near Chu
The buildings here much like my hometown.

Extensive Shandong fields and farmlands with weirs and dykes
Ridged rectangle sections of fields, their colors profound and subtle.
Tomorrow at dawn will visit my friend Jiaqing
Have to dress down and wear my most simple and humble clothes.



Caiyang: City located in Zhejiang Province.

Chu:  State and kingdom during the Zhou Dynasty ( ca. 1030-223 BC) consisting of the provinces of Hunan, Hubei and portions of several others.

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