Meng Haoran: Waning Moon, In a Zhejiang River Boat


Waning Moon, In a Zhejiang River Boat

初 下 浙 江 舟 中 口 号
八 月 观 潮 罢
三 江 越 海 浔。
回 瞻 魏 阙 路
无 复 子 牟 心。
Chu Xia Zhe Jiang Zhou Zhong Kou Hao

Ba yue guan chao ba
San jiang yue hai xun.
Hui zhan wei que lu
Wu fu zi mou xin.


Waning Moon, In a Zhejiang River Boat

In August, watch the diminishing tidal bore wave
Three rivers merge into the ocean’s edge.
Returning to Wei to apply for a government job was a mistaken road
Never again, instead try to gain peace of mind.



Wei:  Ancient nation state (407-255 BC) in parts of Henan, Hebei, Shanxi, and Shandong provinces.

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