Ou-yang Xiu: To a Friend ~ 《戏答元珍》 欧阳修 with English Translations



《戏答元珍》 欧阳修


To a Friend
Ou-yang Xiu

Not on spring’s itinerary, perhaps, this half-forgotten town next to nowhere. Vernal equinox is near, yet the hills around show no signs of vernal bloom.
Oranges there are, a hardy lot, clinging to branches still bowed with persistent snow. And bamboo shoots, awakened by the first thunder out of a clear cold sky, are ready to break the ground.
Last night the cries of wild geese homeward bound aroused my envy. The new year is well on, nature rejoices in its renascent glory, but I?
We’ve had our day in the Capital of Flowers. Why lament, though flowers come late in the wilds?

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