Yuan Zhen Poem: Parting Again with Bai Juyi – 元稹《重赠乐天》









[1] 重赠:这首诗是为送别白居易而写的。在此之前元稹已写过一首《赠乐天》的诗,因此叫“重赠”。

[2] 休遣:别让。

[3] 玲珑:原诗题下作者自注云:“乐人商玲珑能歌,歌予数十诗。”商玲珑是白居易身边的乐工,善于歌唱。

Parting Again with Bai Juyi

Yuan Zhen

Don’t let the songstress sing my songs anew!

Most of them are farewell poems for you.

Tomorrow again we’ll part by riverside,

Alas! At moonset when outflows the tide.

The poet would not listen to farewell songs for they would bring to his mind farewells past and future.


The poem is a seven-part poem written by Yuan Zhen, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, to his best friend Bai Juyi. The poem describes the scene before Yuan and Bai’s farewell and their imagination of the farewell, sincerely revealing the author’s feelings of regret for the departure of his friend. The poem is purely verbal and eye-catching, although the language is shallow and the content is simple, because of the repetition in rhyme, the echo in structure, as well as the use of call-and-response rhetoric and thimble rhetoric, it constitutes a subtle sigh everywhere and produces a lingering after-rhyme, which vividly and fully expresses the poet’s infinite regret and despair.

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