Proverbs & Poems of Stopping the Heat


When End of Heat comes, summer heat gradually disappears. But the weather is not quite cold due to the “autumn tiger,” which refers to the spell of hot weather after the startbeginning of autumn.

End of Heat–By Cao Huayi

During End of Heat people all expect rainfalls, and it’s time to plant buckwheat.

The night is cool, the clouds are light and the moon is high in the sky.

Spring waves seem to be in the mist and clouds during twilight, attracting poets.

Farm Sayings about End of Heat

If there is rainfall during End of Heat, there will be a lot of rainfall in the following autumn; If there is no rainfall during End of Heat, the weather will be dry until the end of White Dew (the 15th solar term).

If it’s not hot in End of Heat, fruits will have a hard time ripening.

End of Heat is the time to plant radishes.

During End of Heat and White Dew period, it’s cold at night and hot in the daytime.

Recalling the Qujiang River in Early Autumn

A poem written by Bai Juyi of the Tang Dynasty (618-907) describes the scenery during the End of Heat period.

“When End of Heat comes, the summer clouds in the sky are breaking up just like the summer heat itself. Cool winds are curling upward. The pond is also surrounded by the atmosphere of autumn. All lotuses have turned into seeds due to the arrival of autumn.”

Rain and Wind After End of Heat

Strong winds are driving the rain away, and what’s left of the summer heat is gone;

All of a sudden, people can feel the change in temperature;

They begin to complain about the cracked windows, and round silk fans are becoming useless;

The child is reading Ode to the Sound of Autumn, which makes people recall Ouyang Xiu.

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