Shanghai Foreign Language Bookstore


Shànɡhǎi Wàiwén Shūdiàn 

Shanghai Foreign Language Bookstore(Chinese: 上海外文书店, Pinyin: Shànɡhǎi Wàiwén Shūdiàn) is located at No.390 Fuzhou Rd, near People Square, the city center of Shanghai.


It’s a good place to buy foreigin books. Plenty books are provided there. If can’t find your book, the shop assistant also will help you.


Its open time is 9:30am-19:00pm, Mon-Sun. Also you can find their chain stores in the following address:

Gubei Store:

No 71, North Shuicheng Rd, Tel: 3223 0105

Hongqiao Store:

No 6, South Zunyi Rd, 1st floor of Friendship Store, Tel 5257 0130

Pudong Airpot Store:

No 900 Qihang Rd, Pudong New District, Tel 3848 0740

Hongqiao Airport Store:

No 2550 Hongqiao Rd, Changning District, Tel 3216 0802

Gubei Carrefour Store:

2nd Floor Gubei Carrefour, No 268, South Shuicheng Rd, Tel 3223 0633

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