Su Dongpo: Eastern Slopes


Eastern Slopes



东 坡
雨 洗 东 坡 月 色 清
市 人 行 尽 野 人 行。
莫 嫌 荦 确 坡 头 路
自 爱 铿 然 曳 杖 声。
Dong Po

Yu xi dong po yue se qing
Shi ren xing jin ye ren xing.
Mo xian luo que po tou lu
Zi ai keng ran ye zhang sheng.


Eastern Slopes

Rain cleans the eastern slopes, lunar scenery is clear
Merchants and farmers travel back and forth.
No one dislikes the prominent rocky slopes, where one can only see
heads of people
Naturally love to hear my climbing stick sounds when dragged and pulled.

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