Su Dongpo: Feeling For an Old Friend’s Poem



Feeling For an Old Friend’s Poem



感 旧 诗
床 头 枕 驰 道
双 阙 夜 未 央。
车 毂 鸣 枕 中
客 梦 安 得 长。
新 秋 入 梧 叶
风 雨 惊 洞 房。
独 行 残 月 影
怅 焉 感 初 凉。
筮 仕 记 怀 远
谪 居 念 黄 冈。
一 往 三 十 年
此 怀 未 始 忘。
扣 门 呼 阿 同
安 寝 已 太 康。
青 山 映 华 发
归 计 三 月 粮。
我 欲 自 汝 阴
经 上 潼 江 章。
想 见 冰 盘 中
石 蜜 与 柿 霜。
怜 子 遇 明 主
忧 患 已 再 尝。
报 国 何 时 华
我 心 久 已 降。


Gan Jiu Shi

Chuang tou zhen chi dao
Shuang que ye wei yang.
Che gu ming zhen zhong
Ke meng an de chang.

Xin qiu ru wu ye
Feng yu jing dong fang.
Du xing can yue ying
Chang yan gan chu liang.

Shi shi ji huai yuan
Zhe ju nian huang gang.
Yi wang san shi nian
Ci huai wei shi wang.

Kou men hu e tong
An qin yi tai kang.
Qing shan ying hua fa
Gui ji san yue liang.

Wo yu zi ru yin
Jing shang tong jiang zhang.
Xiang jian bing pan zhong
Shi mi yu shi shuang.

Lian zi yu ming zhu
You huan yi zai chang.
Bao guo he shi hua
Wo xin jiu yi xiang.


Feeling For an Old Friend’s Poem

Resting on the head of the bed pillow, nurturing the Dao
Both palace gate watchtowers still have active people.
Waterwheel hub sounds go on into the middle of the night
Visitor dreams hard to calm, be satisfied and long.

Early autumn Chinese parasol tree leaves emerge
Wind and rain sounds enter even the back rooms.
Traveling alone, waning moon shadows
Beginning to feel disappointment and sorrow.

Practicing divination with alpine yarrow sticks
Remember the long return home after the imperial exams.
Think of my exile to a minor post in the south
For the previous thirty years, not yet begun to forget these times.

Call out through a bolted door to my brother
Do not want to interpret your deep and practical sleep.
Green, dark mountains reflect my white hair
Only taking three months of provisions with me.

I wish to write a letter to the palace
Asking for a transfer to the Tong River region.
By then my favorite regional food will be in season
Sweet stone-fruit will grace their frosty markets.                                                  We now have an enlightened emperor, take this as an opportunity
Do not have to worry about suffering like before.


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