Su Dongpo: Looking Towards the Ma’er and Jiuxian Mountains: (River City Wall)


Looking Towards the Ma’er and Jiuxian Mountains: (River City Wall)

瞻 马 耳 九 仙 山: 江 城 子
前 瞻 马 耳 九 仙 山
碧 连 天,晚 云 闲。
城 上 高 台
真 个 是 超 然。
莫 使 匆 匆 云 雨 散
今 夜 里,月 婵 娟。
小 溪 鸥 鹭 静 联 拳
去 翩 翩,点 轻 烟。
人 事 凄 凉
回 首 便 他 年。
莫 忘 使 君 歌 笑 处
垂 柳 下,矮 槐 前。
Zhan Ma Er Jiu Xian Shan: (Jiang Cheng Zi)

Qian zhan ma er jiu xian shan,
Bi lian tian, wan yun xian.
Cheng shang gao tai,
Zhen ge shi chao ran.

Mo shi cong cong yun yu san,
Jin ye li, yue chan juan.
Xiao xi ou lu jing lian quan,
Qu pian pian, dian qing yan.

Ren shi qi liang,
Hui shou bian ta nian.
Mo wang shi jun ge xiao chu,
Chui liu xia, ai huai qian.


Looking Towards the Ma’er and Jiuxian Mountains: (River City Wall)

In front of, and look towards Ma’er and Jiuxian mountains
Day after day, bluish-green sky
Evening clouds relaxed and idle.
Tall tower above the city wall
A time I am truly aloof and detached.

Hope the clouds quickly break up and disperse
If so, tonight the moon would appear lovely and graceful
Along a small stream, gulls and egrets a calm togetherness

When departing, they are like elegant drops in the light mist
Human condition, sad and lonely
Looking back, just another ordinary year
Don’t forget my life here had times of both song and brush
Willows droop down, in front are stunted locust trees.



[The description at the end of the title identifies the name of the music which these lines are to be sung to.]

Ma’er mountains: Located in Shandong Province.

Jiuxian mountains: Located west of Fuzhou in Fujian Province.

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