Su Dongpo: Torrential Downpour at the Youmei Pavilion


Torrential Downpour at the Youmei Pavilion

有 美 堂 暴 雨
游 人 脚 底 一 声 雷
满 座 顽 云 拨 不 开。
天 处 黑 风 吹 海 立
浙 东 飞 雨 过 江 来。
十 分 潋 滟 金 樽 凸
千 杖 敲 铿 羯 鼓 催。
唤 起 谪 仙 泉 酒 面
倒 倾 鮫 室 泻 琼 瑰。
You Mei Tang Bao Yu

You ren jiao di yi sheng lei
Man zuo wan yun bo bu kai.
Tian chu hei feng chui hai li
Zhe dong fei yu guo jiang lai.

Shi fen lian yan jin zun tu
Qian zhang qiao keng jie gu cui.
Huan qi zhe xian quan jiu mian
Dao qing jiao shi xie qiong gui.


Torrential Downpour at the Youmei Pavilion

One clap of thunder sounded like it came from under the visitor’s feet
Around our seats, stationary clouds stubbornly will not open.
From the ocean, a dark wind blows large waves on the lake
From the large river in the east the rain flies.

The lake filled to the brim like our gold wine cups
Rain a thousand urgent sticks pounding on local people’s drums.
I am aroused to imitate the exiled immortal Li Bai full of wine
Heavy rain like mermaids pouring down their treasures of fine and rare stones.



Youmei pavilion: A place to write poetry on Mt. Wu, with views of West Lake in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.

Li Bai: Famous Tang Dynasty poet whose work and biographical information can be found on this website as well.

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