Tao Yuanming: Feelings of Leisure: (Seven Parts): No. 4


Feelings of Leisure: (Seven Parts): No. 4
Emotions Leisured and Cultivated

闲 情 赋
激 清 音 以 感 余。
愿 接 膝 以 交 言。
欲 自 往 以 结 誓
惧 冒 礼 之 为 諐。
待 凤 鸟 以 致 辞
恐 他 人 之 我 先。
意 惶 惑 而 靡 宁
魂 须 臾 而 九 迁。
愿 在 衣 而 为 领
承 华 首 之 余 芳;
悲 罗 襟 之 宵 离
怨 秋 夜 之 未 央。
愿 在 裳 而 为 带
束 窈 窕 之 纤 身;
嗟 温 凉 之 异 气
或 脱 故 而 服 新。
愿 在 发 而 为 泽
刷 玄 鬓 于 颓 肩;
悲 佳 人 之 屡 沐
从 白 水 以 枯 煎。


Xian Qing Fu


Ji qing yin yi gan yu,
Yuan jie xi yi jiao yan.
Yu zi wang yi jie shi
Ju mao li zhi wei qian;

Dai feng niao yi zhi ci
Kong ta ren zhi qo xian.
Yi huang huo er mi ning,
Hun xu yu er jiu qian.

Yuan zai yi er wei ling,
Cheng hua shou zhi yu fang;
Bei luo jin zhi xiao li,
Yuan qiu ye zhi wei yang.

Yuan zai chang er wei dai
Shu yao tiao zhi xian shen;
Jie wen liang zhi yi qi
Huo tuo gu er fu xin.

Yuan zai fa er wei ze
Shua xuan bin yu tui jian;
Bei jia ren zhi lu mu,
Cong bai shui yi ku jian.


Feelings of Leisure: (Seven Parts): No. 4
Emotions Leisured and Cultivated

Her mind and energy appears to be charming and attractive
Detailed movements and bearing beautiful and enchanting.
Piercing my heart with a voice so pure it arouses feelings from beyond
I hope we can sit knee to knee so we can exchange words.

For myself, want to be engaged and make our vows
But afraid this would go against the custom of first consulting her family go-betweens.
I need to hear from them before I can make a proposal
Afraid some other people may beat me to it.

Thinking of this possibility causes me sleepless nights
Every moment my soul goes through many ups and downs.
I want to be her collar that she wears.
Behold her head, the radiance and fragrance.

Sad because at night you will take off your collar to sleep
Resent that autumn nights are too long.
I would gladly be the belt for your skirt
Tie me up gently and gracefully around your thin waist.

Lament when seasons change, for you will change your skirt
Perhaps you will find a reason to buy new clothes.
I hope to be her hair mousse
Brush aside the dark hair around each shoulder.
Sadness, this beauty frequently shampoos
The risen water quickly dries up.


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