Tao Yuanming: Reading “Mountains and Seas Stories”: Thirteen Poems: No.1


Reading “Mountains and Seas Stories” : Thirteen Poems: No. 1



读 “山 海 经”: 十 三 首
孟 夏 草 木 长
绕 屋 树 扶 疏。
众 鸟 欣 有 托
吾 亦 爱 吾 庐。
既 耕 亦 已 种
时 还 读 我 书。
穷 巷 隔 深 辙
颇 回 故 人 车。
欢 然 酌 春 酒
摘 我 园 中 蔬。
微 雨 从 东 来
好 风 与 之 俱。
泛 览 周 王 传
流 观 “山 海 图”。
俯 仰 终 宇 宙
不 乐 复 何 如?
Du “Shan Hai Jing“: Shi San Shou


Meng xia cao mu chang
Rao wu shu fu shu.
Zhong niao xin you tuo
Wu yi ai wu lu.

Ji geng yi yi zhong
Shi huan du wo shu.
Qiong xiang ge shen zhe
Po hui gu ren che.

Huan ran zhuo chun jiu
Zhai wo yuan zhong shu.
Wei you cong dong lai
Hao feng you zhi ju.

Fan lan zhou wang chuan
Liu guan “Shan Hai Tu”.
Fu yang zhong yu zhou
Bu le fu he ru ?


Reading “Mountain and Seas Stories: Thirteen Poems: No. 1

First month of summer, long grasses and strong trees
Trees encircle the house, healthy and well spaced.
Flocks of birds, happy and joyful places to stay
I also love this simple house.

First cultivate, then plant the seeds
Opportunity to go back and read my books.
My poor street too narrow for carriages
Old friends have to turn around and go back.

Happy to pour out my spring wine
And pick some of my garden vegetables.
Light rain arrives from the east
Soft breezes make the scene complete.

Read all of the books about the Zhou emperor’s travel stories
Compare it to the Mountains and Seas picture book.
Feel like the universe is within my imagination
How can one not be happy now?



Zhou emperors: Zhou Dynasty (1046-221 BC)


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