The literature of Slight Heat 关于小暑的文学作品


There are all kinds of literature in Slight Heat, such as poem, essay even and novels.


An Essay of Zhu Ziqing

In Minor Heat, high temperatures are very good for the growth of lotus. From Minor Heat to the Double-Ninth Festival, the lotus is in full bloom. The lotus looks simple but elegant. In Moonlight Over the Lotus Pond, modern essayist Zhu Ziqing (1898-1948) wrote about the night of Minor Heat like this: “Moonlight pours out at the lotus leaves and flowers like running water. A mist lightly levitates in the pond”. This famous essay was just written at such a night which is like a dream enshrouded by fine gauze.


Minor Heat in Yu Guangzhong’s Works

A famous poet,Yu Guangzhong who was born in 1928 in Taiwan, once wrote that “When hearing the sound of a cricket abroad, it always reminds you of the cricket in the countrysides of Sichuan”.

Liu Shahe, a famous poet who was born in 1931 in Sichuan Province, was deeply moved by Yu’s homesickness and wrote an article named “It Is Just That Cricket” in response. Some sentences quoted from the article: “That cricket has sung in You Feng July, in Tang Feng Cricket, in Nineteen Old Poems, beside Mulan’s loom, and in Jiang Kui’s (1155?-1221) poetry. Its sound has been heard by sad people, it has also been heard by women who missed their husbands… “.

A cricket in the night of Minor Heat is related to the long-standing history and culture of the Chinese nation and knocks the whole nation out.

Fireflies and the Minor Heat

“Fireflies are like lanterns flying to the west and the east. They can escort children home by lightening the darkness.” Minor heat, the day marking one of the 24 divisions in the traditional Chinese solar calendar, falls on July 7 this year. It’s the season when fireflies become lively.

Zhu Shuzhen, a talented woman of the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279), once described in her poem Summer Fireflies a happy scene of children playing with fireflies in the woods at night. The woods and the grass are both firefly paradises. They accompany people to pass the long nights. Another poem about fireflies is Two Poems about Fireflies written by Luo Ye of the Tang Dynasty (618-907). He has described a beautiful scene of the moss on steps in front of the house which is decorated by thousands of light-spots which actually are fireflies.

Fireflies, written by Xu Yin of the Tang Dynasty about the firefly in summer nights, is also a poem with lasting appeal.


“It is not really hot in Minor Heat.”

There is one sentence in the Song of 24 Solar Terms which goes “The weather is not really hot in Minor Heat; the hottest days will come in Great Heat”. The beginning of Minor Heat implies that the hottest days of the year are coming soon.

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